Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Active Directory Change Password Issues

We had a new employee start and I have been asking her to change her password.  She has told me that she has been unable to do so as every time she tries, she gets an error about not meeting requirements.
She is using a Dell Latitude running Windows 7 32-Bit.
I tried to do the same thing on multiple systems with my account and getting the same error.  When I tried form an XP system, the error message was a little clearer.  I searched all over for an answer and finally foudn the solution.
It seems that a few changes were made to the Default Domain group policy to enforce password age.  Well, the only issue is that the minimum password age was not set, and defaulted to 30 days.  Once I reset this to 0 as a test, I was able to have her successfully set her password.
Guess it goes to show, make sure you know what your GPO says.  :-)