Monday, August 12, 2013

Replacing Text in Word that contain superscript and subscript.

I have been writing some reports recently that include have a floor number in the information provided.  Now that is all fine, but when I edit text it changes from something like 2nd floor to 2nd floor.  This is all fine, but the problem is that I have this multiple times in the document.  So, that leaves me with two options, either not have it do the superscript, or find a way to easily change all of the other instanace with Word's replace funciton.  I choose the later and found that it was pretty easy.

  • Edit one of the instanaces to be properly formated
  • Copy this corrected instance using (Shortcut Key: CTRL+C)
  • Open Word's Find and Replace (Shortcut Key: CTRL+H)
  • In the Find what: field enter the imporperly formatted text
  • In the Replace with: field enter ^c (carat c - the c must be lowercase)
  • Click the Replace All 
Now all the instance of the string you specify will be replaced with the contets of your clipboard.