Friday, April 26, 2013

Chrome Bookmark Spacing

I recently noticed that when I was viewing my bookmarks in Chrome, they took up the entire window and I was forced to scroll to see all of them.  Well, I did not like that and thought at first that it was related to my theme.  But after messing around with that for a while, I realized it was not related.  So, I started searching for solutions to the problem.  Most of my searches returned results of how to change the font settings from Chrome's Advanced Settings.  But this changed the font size for the text on a page, not a menu.  Finally after getting the correct terminology in my search query, i found the solution I was looking for.  Apparently, during a recent update of Chrome, new "features" were added presumably for readability.

To disable this, and make the bookmarks bar go back to fitting a single page:

  • Find the application shortcut for Google Chrome.
  • Edit the properties of the Target
  • Add --disable-new-menu-style after the executable name.

**  Update - 7/18/2013
Apparently this has changed with the newer versions of chrome.  
Now the correct flag for the shortcut is: