Monday, October 31, 2011

QuickBooks Shortcuts

Well, had to do some installation with Quickbooks 2012 the other day and had a few issues with licenses.  After calling tech support found a few interesting shortcuts that are handy.

  • Press F2 on the main Quickbooks screen.
    • This gets you to the information about QuickBooks.  Shows you the license and current running information.
  • To enter a verification code is really tricky.
    • Go to the Help/About screen
    • From there press CTRL+R+P simultaneously
    • There you can enter your verification code.
  • The last item was related to messages of QuickBooks already running.  This was driving some of the accountants mad.  Although the fix is quite simple.
    • Kill the existing QuickBooks task from the task manager (QBW32.exe)
    • Start a new Quickbooks session and log onto a company
    • Open the Preferences from the Edit menu
    • Select General and My Preferences
    • Clear the check box that says Keep QuickBooks running for quicker startups.